Welcome to Shirepeak at Lakemont, located in Erlanger, KY. Shirepeak provides a scenic lake setting with very spacious lots. A great location for the person wanting a larger lot for their dream home. To read more about Shirepeak, please visit  Shirepeak Subdivision

Location: Erlanger, KY
Price Range: $350,000 and up
Utilities: Water, Sewer, and Gas
Schools: Kenton County School System, Hinsdale Elementary, Summit View Elementary, Turkeyfoot Middle School, Dixie Heights High School


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Available Lots:

Shirepeak - Available Lots
Lot # Acreage Notes Lot # Acreage Notes
6 1.17   15 .53  
7 1.26   16 .44  
11 .70   17 1.65  
12 .60   18 9.06  
13 .56   19 .98  


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Shirepeak is located in Kenton County off of Richardson Road which can be accessed by either KY 17 or Turkeyfoot Road. Shirepeak is accessed by entering the Sherbourne Subdivision at Lakemont. Shirepeak lots are located at the end of Shirepeak Way and overlook Doe Run Lake.

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